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My tumblr feed has been slow over the last month due to assignments and time in the field spent away from my computer.  If any feed stays active while I am out and about it is my instagram:

I just got back from a 16 day expedition in the St. Elias mountains shooting a project for Black Diamond Equipment and Powder Magazine, photos taken via my point and shoot are currently being posted over there all else will be released this fall.  

A late finish to a long day in Pemberton, BC.  Eric Hjorleifson_March2014

Can’t wait to put all the analog pieces together from the 40 day journey in Japan.  A few more B&W scans in the archives.  Analog_Nippon

Starting to weave through photos from the Bike Magazine Bible shoot in Sedona, AZ this past fall.  This place just encourages the odd and spiritual.  


From Ruth Gorge

Garrett Grove

Thanks for the share mpdrolet.  Heading back up to Alaska in two weeks for another basecamp ski expedition, looking forward to more moments like these.

Also spent 5 days shooting the 14/15 line of outerwear for Outdoor Research up at Rogers Pass and in the Monashees.  Always grateful when things line up like this, it has been a good last few weeks.

Had a good morning out with the Revelstoke Ski Patrol a couple days ago for an assignment with Patagonia.  Lots more to share later.

Currently: A day in the Rutherford Canyon, Pemberton, BC with Kye Petersen, Leo Hoorn, Eric Hjorleifson and Matty Richard.  March 2014.  

Currently in the Pemberton/Whistler chasing the heels of Kye Petersen.  

Starting to take on the stack of negatives from Japan.  Furanodake Ropeway, January 2014.  

Ryland Bell looking oh so small amongst the giant landscape found in Tatshenshini-Alsek Park, British Columbia. Shot while on assignment with Patagonia and currently running in Frequency Magazine.