A month ago I was contacted by the talented people working at Moxie Sozo about collaborating on and ad for Backcountry.com in the new Powder Magazine. They were looking for imagery from my past winter to highlight the new direction Backcountry is headed. The trip to the Ruth Gorge was my first inclination since it was such an inspiring experience and we went up there with no preset contracts or obligations so many photos were freed up. Also, Noah and Andrew are Backcountry athletes which made for a pretty natural fit. Over the course of the next few weeks we bounced photos, ideas and layouts back and forth until they ultimately decided on this storyboard concept. It was such a refreshing experience to have so much say and collaboration with the feel of the ad, it usually doesn’t work this way plus having Mark front and center with decade old gear definitely isn’t the norm. The word “authentic” gets thrown around so much these days in the commercial market but rarely is that feeling really present. So thanks to everyone involved in this and of course to Noah, Mark and Andrew for putting together such a memorable trip. Can’t wait to release more of this imagery in the coming months and if you haven’t seen the new video from Backcountry highlighting their direction it is worth a watch. With folks like Camp4 CollectiveSweetgrass Productions and felt soul media providing clips it was bound to be powerful. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jju_uM1cqZ8