"Wilderness suddenly emerged as the landscape of choice for elite tourists, who brought with them strikingly urban ideas of the countryside…wild land was not a site for productive labor and not a permanent home; rather, it was a place of recreation.  One went to the wilderness not as a producer but as a consumer…" - William Cronon

When I returned home from NZ a friend referred me to an essay by William Cronon regarding the modern myth of wilderness.  Cronon’s essay coincided greatly with the underlying feeling I had while being a tourist in NZ which is what ultimately spurred on many of the photographs for the project 100% Pure.  

The essay, The Trouble with WIlderness can be found here.  Above photos  were from a day trip up the Milford Sound. 

“Either you feel that a thing must be perfect before you present it to the public, or you are willing to let it go out even knowing that it is not perfect, because you are striving for something even beyond what you have achieved, but in struggling too hard for perfection you know that you may lose the very glimmer of life, the very spirit of the thing that you also know exists at a particular point in what you have done; and that to interfere with it would be to destroy that very living quality. -William Gedney”

Hang Dry, Wanaka, NZ.  August 2014

Bridget, Otago Peninsula, August 2014

Updated the Archipelago gallery.  See it here

I went back through the photos from the Ruth Gorge and updated the gallery here.

From the Bike Magazine gear guide shoot in Sedona, AZ, now up on the website.  

"In 2005, Getty Images licensed 1.4 million preshot commercial photos. Last year, it licensed 22 million — and “all of the growth was through our user-generated business,” Mr. Klein said.

That is because amateurs are largely happy to be paid anything for their photos. “People that don’t have to make a living from photography and do it as a hobby don’t feel the need to charge a reasonable rate,” Mr. Eich said.”

Good read on the New York Times which was written in 2010

Its official, the new site is live.  Lots and lots of new work from this past year and re-edited sequencing in old work.  Go have a look and hope you all enjoy, cheers!


Found good winter surf in NZ, some 35mm shots from the escapades.  

Its been a very heavy week for the mountain community, 5 great people have perished in three different avalanches.  So much to process, grieve, be thankful for and take in.  Amidst it all, for some reason or another when I watched this video it struck a chord.  Maybe it’s because I have spent numerous days skiing in the mountains with the people in this video, I don’t really know.  Either way it serves as a reminder to the pace and depth which continues to pull all of us into the mountains during a time when many don’t quite understand it’s place or value in the face of ultimate loss. Shared Solitude - Great Cairn Hut

A photo of my wife overlooking our small town as smoke and ash cover the valley.  Leavenworth, WA